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Presentation of the workshop to the Palestinian Circus Team

By three teams of La Cambre architecture as follows :

The first team (Guy, Julie, Emilio, Stéphanie, Caroline, Coline, Denis, Sébastien, ...) worked on models. A formal and spatial research, paying no attention to rational or functional restrictions.
The second team (Patrice, Carlos, Silvia, Stanislas, Simon-Jean, ... ) perfected specification of the Circus Team expectations and collected references,data, comparison between circus standards...
The third team (Pierre, Bénédicte, Hadrien) finalized the blog and visual communication of the 'build a circus' project.

The blog is designed to be a platform connecting initial and potential partners.
The blog collects and distributes information and data about circus.
As work and communication tool it will be useful for applying for subsidies.

The meeting reminded of various visits the workshop group made in France (Fratellini & Rosny Circus Schools).
Conclusion of the visits is that our position is situated somewhere between these examples, but we need to decide on where.

Several existing plans and sections of circus schools of  similar scale were presented to the Palestinian Circus School team. This presentation of documents suggesting different forms, surfaces and spatial organisations went on with discussions and debates.

General presentation of the study program
This presentation is essential for overall communication and for financial assistance.

Model Team.
Presentation of scale-model studies :
#1. circular development in space  around a courtyard.
#2. linear development ; work on thermic adjustment in show and training spaces ; the circus roof as sign.
#... structural and formal research on the theme of tent and stretched tarpaulin.

Response of the Circus Team.
#1. Jessika calls attention to the importance of future evolution and growth capacities of the circus school.
What about vertical expansion? Articulated forms, rather than "holistic" forms.
Fadi appreciates the circus reminding shape and the formal references of the roof.
#2. Appreciation of federative space, whith all functions around the training hall / theatre.
Paradoxically the space seems at the same time too open to outside and closed.
#...Color tests are appreciated

Fadi notes how important it is in Palestine, different from european needs, to make visual references to the circus world, and turn explicit its activities.
Shadi explains the importance of a general hanging system, supporting both covering structure and aerial grills. Patrice draws attention to the fact that roof and hanging material need a separate approach since load is different in both cases. A roof is about distributed load, while hanging material originates punctual loads. This difference is easier to manage when both are separated.

An important thing is : having as much as possible visual links with surroundings. For example, from the mountains of West Bank, sometimes you can see the sea, even if you can not go there. That kind of symbols are significant.

Shadi explains the way building permits may have different interpretation. For a permit, number of floors are calculated starting from the street level. You need a permit to rise levels but not to dig underground levels.

Guy's models are a symbolic research, on the political context and the "significance" of the circus school project.
Jessika bewares of strong reduction to local context, since the circus aims to forget it. This by-pass is in itself an act of  resistance, no need to underline this position. For all of us it became once more clear how difficult it remains to understand and  to be sensible of  the Palestine situation.

Pierre's graphic research (student at ENSAV La Cambre Arts Visuels).
Because the Palestinian Circus School already has a logo, Pierre worked out a visual communication for the school building project that should arouse energy when it comes to fundraising.
It is important to notice that the graphic communication as designed by Pierre is different from that of the school, since both have a distinct public (resp. potential fund givers and students).
However, Jessika tells the story of the school logo and explains that the logo must include written english and arabic names, which is visually not easy to do. Perhaps something could be done about it.

Following steps on the agenda are :

Stimulate response to the first step of this project : from the Palestinian circus school, from Palestinian architects, Birzeit architetcure students, from their teachers, ...
Establish communications with Birzeit architecture students.
Bring to maturity definition and program and include a mental landscape of the project with links to existing social, political, cultural and geographical landscapes to increase its accessibility to the public.
Develop a strong identity for the project : power to convince and to gather enthusiasm.
Start up the file’s subvention
Start up a"help campaign" : hang posters in the city, in other circus schools in Europe or in the world,
Generate a solidarity network, ...



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