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March 2006, in an assembly room of Kaaitheater at Brussels. There are thirty cultural agents present to answer the invitation of a young Palestinian crossing Europe to present his project : Creation of the first circus school, in occupied territories of Cisjordanie in the Middle-East.
Only 26 years old, Shadi Zmorrod stands up for his project with passion, melting, artistic reasoning, resistance act against the occupation, release and solidarity space for children and teenagers being racked by daily violence and hard life conditions in refugees camps.
The participation of Presence and Cultural Action (PAC) at this meeting is quite obvious. This Belgian permanent education movement is engaged since a long time in the fight for the recognition of a Palestinian State. Those last years, they have multiplied the civil's observation expeditions  over there, increasing their concrete testimonies, information sessions and debates. In 2006, they have published Marianne Blume's testimonies, "Gaza through my eyes" and the photography's book of Véronique Vercheval, "Palestine, notebook".


Always very present about the Palestinian question and inspired by the first action lead by Anita Huybens, Belgian ceramic artist, PAC has started a big solidarity operation in Wallonia and Brussels. PAC has suggested to professional and amateur artists, creators, art schools, creativity and expression centres, young groups, adults, associations... to create, decorate, transform a chair in art object. Pieces which has been exposed and selled during "Expoventes" taking place in Tournai, Namur, Mons, Liege and Brussels during 2008. All the funds collected will contribute to the purchase and the transport of a big top and circus materials in Palestinian's Territories.
Unit 25 of La Cambre architecture has participated at the operation "sitting hope" during the season MASARAT in October 2008 which selled off very positively. Indeed; PAC has succeed to fund the purchase of a plot of land which allows the circus school's implantation. In the beginning of November 2008, the PAC and the Palestinian circus school leaders have asked for help at La Cambre architecture.
The first step is becoming reality during the special activities week, from the 6th to the 15th of March 2009. Students are taking advantage of this period to realise definition and program of a circus school in Palestine.
This step of definition, program and bugdet's definition will be used as architecture base of work for the students of Birzeit and those from La Cambre from the 13th to the 17th of April 2009 : rough-draft project circus school in Palestine.
The second step will take place during the special activities week in October 2009. This action will end by the realisation of a file's subventions for the realisation (building) of the circus school in Palestine which will be present at the possible partners.

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